About Us

Working in the trucking industry for over a decade has granted us with a whole lot of information and details regarding all things involving trucks. We at WestCoast strive to make the process of buying, selling and trading trucks as easy and enjoyable as possible. The remarkable reviews of our very valued clients and customers has given us more confidence and surety over our work.

Following are the important attributes that has helped us grow as a company:

Reliability and Honesty

Quality Customer Service

This has helped us gain our customers trust and excelled our business over the years.

We are a locally family owned and operated business who has been proudly providing superior transportation to the community for over fifteen years. All of our commercial vehicles are Certified California compliance truck. Our goal is to provide a safe, reliable and easy ground for our customers to effortlessly Buy, Sell or Trade their trucks.

We know of scams that occurs rather swiftly in the business, where customers are sold vehicles or trucks that are bound or intended to break down in a couple of weeks after the purchase. We are here to provide a rather trustworthy service, with all the knowledge and information we have achieved over the years, we consider it our job to inform and advise our customers about each and every detail to maintain honest and genuine relation with our customers.